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Don’t Do it For Any Other Reason

You know, I was contemplating a New Year’s resolution two nights ago and learned a very valuable lesson I’d like to share with you.

The number one New Year’s Resolution (in America at least) was to lose weight. I wasn’t any different when 2012 was rolling around, however, although I certainly did stick to my goals and lose 30+ pounds, I kind of obsessively wanted to keep going. For the first time, two nights ago, I had an epiphany. The only reason I am going to eat healthy and exercise is not for more weight loss or not to be aesthetically pleasing, but to be healthy. I find when I am in that mindset, things seem so much clearer. Exercise (other than walking as I have always loved to walk) doesn’t seem like a monotonous chore, and having a grilled chicken salad isn’t a toss up between a burger. Now, not to say if you need to lose weight, you most certainly should, I personally left mine back in 2011/12 thankfully. You most certainly should lose weight for a myriad of health reasons you could repeat in your sleep. Whether you are already at your healthy weight or not though, keep the mindset to always exercise and eat well to be healthy. Not to be the thinnest. or the most muscular, or to prove some type of point. No. Don’t do it; you’re only harming yourself. Beside, when you only act to be healthy, everything else follows. You will lose weight because you are eating well and moving your body, you will gain muscle because you are eating and lifting weights and doing bodyweight training and not insanely obsessing over how many calories you have left for the day. Your body needs fuel to live, and your body needs movement to live. Give it both. If anything, I truly wish a New Year’s full of health for you. Blessings and a lot of love.


Daily Workout! Move your body today.

Enjoy everyone! Your body will thank you. Happy moving my friends!

We all have our vices…

…and there comes a time when you just don’t want them anymore! I decided that I needed a change in my life when I saw that other people’s comments, specifically people I am close to, started to get under my skin enough to make me upset. I hate that feeling. Being in a thick film or fog of icky mood. It seems like everything that goes on after someone said something hurtful to me I would just be going with the motions of the day and not feeling and actually living. It quite frankly, sucked. Well, since December is affirmation themed, I figured I’d actually give it a go and try it out. It’s gotta work if so many people say it does, right? Not necessarily. Call me a skeptic, but I had my doubts. I gave it my all though and even came up with my own variant of an affirmation I have heard before. The one I have continually been repeating to myself is, “Other people’s attitudes don’t affect me”. Wow. Let me tell you something…it works! I have been feeling great! I started in the beginning just saying it out loud and then in my head. I even caught myself rectifying a thought of “ick” I’ll call it, when someone said something with their usual angry/sad/negative tone that would normally affect me. I was so proud of myself. My brain immediately shifted to my affirmation and I amazingly felt myself maintaining my happy attitude. Other people’s attitudes and emotions did not affect me! They won’t affect me either. Not now and not ever again. I have the most amazing defense ever – and it is so unbelievably easy. What an amazing, amazing, amazing feeling! This is like a magickal potion. Just imagine the things I can do with these tools of affirmations. This whole thing with other people’s emotions ad attitudes making me a strong conductor of negative energy has been with me my entire life…and now, it is gone! Like a weight lifted. What a beautiful thing.

Water, beautiful water!

For this morning, I was thinking about how I drink a good amount of water throughout the day, especially while fasting. Eating one meal a day keeps me feeling pure and satisfied. I just feel like my body can’t process like it needs to when I eat a lot of food day after day. Don’t get me wrong, a day or two every now and again of eating more than once daily is just fine, but generally speaking for me at least. I digress, back to the water! So, being a lover of Nature as I am, I figured, why not bless my water I drink throughout the day? If I put some special energy into it, why not bless the sustenance that will be the only thing flowing through my body for the majority of the day? I’m going to try it today and then post tonight (I work until night today) how I felt and what I came up with as far ideas, blessing, and otherwise. I thought this should be interesting! A little blessing I came up with to leave with for now:

Water, cleansing elixir, heal my body and kiss every crevice, nook, and cranny of my beautiful body.

By drinking you, please, sustain me and make my body pure. With all the love of the Universe; so may it be.