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What Precious Goodies


You know, I swear you find the best things when you’re not looking! Today on a trip out to dinner my boyfriend spotted a little spiritual store we’ve never seen. We went in and found so many beautiful items. We ended up leaving with the little pocket loves here! I’ve never seen a little Green Man! I am so happy to have found him! Then the pentacle – it’s perfect! As much as I love the seasons and the Wheel of the Year, I don’t have any pentacles, and to find this special little one (a pocket charm so I can always have it close) is such a delight! I love them so, they have all of my happy energy in them, they hold it quite well! Oh, and not pictured, but we left as well with some Nag Champa organic incense. I wasn’t aware they made organic, I am just so happy! Happy energy and love to you all!


We Are Only Ourselves

One, by ArtlessPoems is so beautiful and speaks such truth. All there is, is you. The world is not as it is because the world is only as we perceive it. There are as many worlds as there are people. I love to view other people’s blogs and content as I come across them one way or another, and I find that each one holds such a treat for me to see. Thank you to ArtlessPoems and everyone who has given me the joy of viewing your work.

Today’s Quote

“Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the Divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, author

Happy Holidays!


I love playing with my camera and clipart! Pictured in the background is little present decorations on my Yule altar!

Dragon Quartz


Dragon and quartz on the altar.

Yuletime Blessings

Happy Yule everyone! Winter Solstice is upon us and this is the darkest and longest night of the year. Take a look inside yourself and find the things that need some extra attention in your body, mind, and spirit and make it a point to work on them. Don’t just work on them – make them happen. You can, no matter what it is. All the love and blessings of the Universe to each and every one of you.

(The beautiful background I used to make my Yule graphic is not created by me. I only decorated the graphic if you will. All credit for the background goes to athenasphinx13).

Walking in Place

“How happy your soul becomes, when you nourish its home with proper, daily movement.” ~Attem Noom (myself)

So, if you read a few of my previous posts, then you see that when I think of something I like to research it and see if anyone else has thought of it. Well, this subject is probably a little less than common, or who knows, maybe you’ve thought about it yourself! Either way, let’s talk about walking in place. The pros, cons, beautiful and ugly. Okay, I’ll relax on the dramatics, this gets me excited sharing all of this information I think about though! The thought that someone else may somehow benefit from all of my ideas, pictures and thoughts that I want to share is so astounding. I digress though!

So walking in place may sound boring, weird, or just downright a waste of time, however, if I could explain how I see walking in place as a little treasure of mine, you may surprise yourself. Well, I like fitness…fitness and exercise are two (or one, depending how you look at it) of my favorite hobbies. I can’t tell a lie and say I love to run. I don’t. I don’t like running or any of the feelings I get from it before, during, or after the fact. I’ve tried it on many different occasion and I never could get into it. It’s not that I can’t do it, I can, however, it doesn’t bring me joy. Neither does any other form of joint pounding, sweat pouring cardio. I have tried everything from piloxing to tae boe to FitnessTV cardio blast workouts and I just am not a quick mover. My soul isn’t in it. Walking, however, well, walking and I just mesh. I love to walk. When I am walking, I’m not “working”out, I am being. I am enjoying, and I am at peace. Nature and I have a wonderful relationship, and walking through all of Her beauty does my body, mind, and soul wonders I could never describe with words. If I could walk outside a few hours a day everyday I would. There a few little things stopping me, however. I’m sure some of you can relate to a few or more. For one, I am a petite young lady who does not do herself well to be walking around outside early morning or after dark. Not that I live in a high crime area, albeit, it never is a good idea to go looking for trouble (or so I feel at least). My love likes to sleep in whereas I like to be up early buzzing about, so I let him rest, and I work throughout the day most of the week. It is cold, so very cold, in my area at the moment and although I love cooler weather, I chill quite easily and would prefer to walk when the warming Sun is higher in the sky (than early morning). Sometimes there of course is weather that I’d rather not be out in (such as some recent snow and thunder storms). When I can walk in Nature, I am so for it, however, for those other times, I like to continue exercising my body with the movement that brings me so much peace and happiness. I was introduced to walking in place a while back while researching an exercise I would truly love. I knew I loved walking, however, for whatever reason never contemplated walking in place for those times when going outside wouldn’t work. Once I started, I never looked back. I’m a little researcher – I just love seeing and learning about new things I think up or just come about, so walking in place while working on the computer is wonderful for me. I easily walk about 3-6 miles in the morning before work while never leaving my bedroom (quite a cozy thought for those icy winter mornings)! Of course walking in place does not work the same muscles walking regularly does, but it has a charm of its own, drastically similar. If I’m not working on the computer, I take the time to commune with the beautiful Seasonal Energies around me and listen to meditative or soothing music. I love to open my curtains and watch the sky go from velvety black to sherbert as the Sun comes to greet myself and everyone around me. Walking and walking in place are my forms of meditation. There is no other exercise (though I love weight lifting and yoga) that relaxes me and brings me as much joy as walking. If you have never tried it, or even if you have and didn’t go for it the first go, give it a(nother) try. Maybe it may not be for you, or maybe it will. If it is, wonderful – I am so happy you can share in the bliss and calmness it brings me, and if it is not, then just as well – I know for a fact if you delve into all of the different forms of moving your amazing body you will surely find your body, mind, and soul’s favorite.

If you already have an exercise you do daily or often that you just love, what is it? If you wouldn’t mind sharing, I’d love to know!